About us


TMK European Divison (ED) represents consolidated business unit of TMK well-known among key actors of european industrial seamless pipes market. 

It is based on the structure of TMK-ARTROM SA, leading Romanian seamless pipe manufacturer, operating jointly  with tubular billets production TMK-RESITA SA, and three commercial agents - TMK-Italia s.r.l. , TMK-Europe GmbH and TMK-Industrial Solutions LLC.

TMK runs modern integrated industrial complex in Romania, which supplies important share of European market mechanical pipes, hydraulic cylinders, automotive and energy application pipes. Flexibility, high client orientation, ability to work with even very small volumes providing individually customized solutions assures the success of TMK European Division also in non-EU markets, including USA and Canada.

Integrated Quality Management System of TMK European Division has been certified as business unit according to ISO 9001, integrated with the Environmental Management System - according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS Management System - according to OHSAS 18001:2007.


The structure of TMK European Division: 

As General Management Unit  for the ED - TMK-ARTROM  SA, Slatina, Romania. It is a leading Romanian pipe manufacturer, producing approximately 220 thousand tonnes/year of seamless pipes for industrial applications, including the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. (Read more)

TMK-RESITA SA,  Resita, Romania – production of continuously casted round steel billets with approximate capacity of 450 thousand tonnes/year. (Read more)

TMK-Italia s.r.l., Lecco, Italy – commercial agent of TMK-ARTROM SA, trading in Southern and Western Europe  (Read more)

TMK-Europe GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany - commercial agent of TMK-ARTROM SA, trading in Northern and Central Europe  (Read more)

TMK-Industrial Solutions LLC, Houston, United States of America - commercial agent of TMK-ARTROM SA, trading in Northern and Southern America (Read more).